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Past Meeting Topics


Past speakers over the last 12 months have included:


Charitable Planning: Top Charitable Trends and Practical Gifting Strategies: A Case Study Approachpresented by Carl A. Wayne, JD, Senior Advisor, Charitable Estate Planning at the American Heart Association: As clients and donors seek tax-effective ways to manage and distribute their wealth, it is increasingly important to offer charitable and estate planning solutions that match their unique needs and interests. Mr. Wayne discussed the latest trends in philanthropy, highlighting some strategies advisors should know about philanthropy to serve clients effectively, and shared strategies that can be employed to solve clients' challenges and maximize their tax savings and charitable impact.


Planning for Incapacity: An Often Overlooked Aspect of Estate Planning presented by Anne E. Zellner, Esq. and Dylan H. Metzner, Esq., of Ryley Carlock & Applewhite: Ms. Zellner and Mr. Metzner began their presentation by defining incapacity. The discussed in detail how to manage an incapacitated person's financial and medical affairs, the role of an agent including their duties, and the types of vehicles used like conservatorships, guardianships, trusts, medical power of attorney and living wills. Members also learned how to consider family dynamics and planning strategies to ensure the client is protected in the event of incapacity while minimizing family conflict. The presentation concluded with discussion of some hypothetical situations.


Dissolution of Marriage: Division of Marital Property and Maintenance Considerations presented by Jennifer S. McDonald, The Law Firm of Jennifer S. McDonald, LLC: Ms. McDonald began her presentation by giving a general overview of the Colorado Dissolution of Marriage Act, Article 10 of Title 14. Guests learned about the division of property including equitable division versus community property and separate property versus marital property. She discussed the physical division of property after divorce including determining the value of marital residence, QDRO's for the transfer of IRA's and PERA. Lastly, Ms. McDonald discussed the statutory guidelines for maintenance and child support and steps to determine the amount.


Estate Planning for Clients with Cannabis Assets presented by Rachael Z. Ardanuy, Esq.: Ms. Ardanuy began her presentation by explaining the different varietals of cannabis and the Colorado Marijuana Laws including Amendment 20 - Medical Marijuana and Amendment 64 - Recreational (Retail) Marijuana. Guests learned about the various kinds of business and personal cannabis assets and the procedure for a bequest of these assets. Lastly, Ms. Ardanuy discussed other impacts on the estate plan including a living will/appointment of health care surrogate, Medicaid and Medicare and communicating marijuana related matters with the appropriate people.


Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Update Presented by Fran Coet, CPA/CFF, CVA, CFP, MFFA of Coet 2 CPA's P.C.


Blockchain Technology, Legislation and the Estate Planning Industry by John Carpenter: Mr. Carpenter discussed the definition, structure and the use and relevancy of blockchain technology. This included an overview of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets that may be held in an estate. Additionally, Mr. Carpenter talked about estate planning and settlement issues related to blockchain based assets. Lastly, he discussed legislation in Colorado and other states that addresses this technology.


Colorado's End-of-Life Options Act: How the Law Works and Potential Issues presented by Paige Armstrong, attorney at Steenrod, Schwartz & McMinimee, LLP. Ms. Armstrong discussed Colorado's End-of-Life Options Act by providing a background and explanation of how the law functions. She provided an overview of the requirements for obtaining medical aid in dying medication, as well as discuss how Colorado's End-of-Life Options Act compares to other states that have passed similar laws allowing terminally ill patients to end their lives. In addition, the presentation addressed issues that Colorado faces as a result of the law's implementation in its legal and medical fields.


Colorado Uniform Trust Codepresented by Darla L. Daniel, Esq., Special Counsel with Balson & Faix, LLP. Ms. Daniel spoke about the history and journey to successfully pass a Uniform Trust Code in Colorado. She highlighted general provisions and definitions of the Act. In addition, she discussed the Code as it pertains to various types of trusts, the role of trustee, liability and rights of persons dealing with trustees.


Knowledge is Power – Financial and Estate Planning Strategies for Women presented byJackie Battista, CFP®, MBA, APMA®, Financial Advisor, Ethos Financial Partners, a financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial and Sati C. McLafferty, Esq., Ambler Keenan Mitchell Johnson. Ms. Battista and Ms. McLafferty discussed ways for women to gain control over their financial and estate planning situations, to protect the people and things we love the most, and to make informed and coordinated financial and estate planning decisions.


Real Estate Issues in Estate Planning and Administration presented by Anda Pilmanis, Esq. of Pilmanis Law, LLC and real estate broker with Metro Brokers – Laarsen Sells Denver. Ms. Pilmanis discussed considerations and issues with real estate in estate planning and administration including title of assets, different types of deeds, title insurance and errors in property description. Following the death of the individual, how does the administrator determine if real estate is part of the estate, is it a gift and if so, the type of gift, and when and how should real estate be valued? She also discussed unique issues that may be a part of the real estate such as water and oil and gas rights, easements and leases. Finally, Ms. Pilmanis shared the powers and duties of the executor, administrator or trustee when administering real estate.


Trust Protectors presented by Elizabeth T. Meck, Vice President, Personal Trust and Estate Administration at Northern Trust and Susan J. Merritt, Senior Vice President, Wealth Management at Northern Trust. Ms. Meck and Ms. Merritt discussed the definition, history and use of trust protectors. What are the types and sources of powers granted to trust protectors as well as whose interests is the trust protector serving? Standards of conduct, who should and who shouldn't serve in this role, and additional issues such as appointing and removing a trust protector, abuse of powers and transparency were included.


Asset Protection Fundamentals presented by Karen L. Brady, Esq., Law Offices of Karen Brady, P.C. Ms. Brady discussed what asset protection is, and what it is not. Entities, Trusts, and other asset protection techniques were covered, as well as other smart strategies for clients interested in protecting their assets. Ms. Brady busted some asset protection myths and discuss the timing of utilizing asset protection strategies.